The most important thing that you can do for your Etsy shop is to tackle your SEO. In short, this means to make your tags, titles, and descriptions relevant to your shoppers in order to find them. You can have the most gorgeous product with wonderful photos, but unless your customer can type a phrase into Etsy that brings up your product in the Search Engine, you aren’t going to sell a darn thing. In all probability, the majority of people who buy your product are going to find it through some sort of search engine!!

After a few years of doing this and many MANY versions of my tags and titles, I finally got it!! There aren’t many steps to correcting your SEO, but it’s really important to go through every step with each listing you have,

#1: run a stats search to see what your top search terms are. To do this, you need to

~ go to your Etsy dashboard and click on the stats

~ change your stats so they are running your all-time numbers

~ in the middle of the screen, it will list the search terms that people entered your shop by searching

~these terms are going to be the cornerstone of your SEO

{using my shop YairEmanuelJudaica as an example, my most popular search terms are tallit , Mezuzah , Judaica , etc)}

#2 create titles that are phrases that twenty characters long using your best search terms separated by commas. Use the entire available space.

~The reason for using 20 character phrases is because that is how long a tag is.

~The strongest SEO you can have in your shop is title phrases that are duplicated EXACTLY in your tags and sprinkled EXACTLY throughout your description.

{again using my shop, because of what my best search terms are an example of a title for me would be

Holidays, Jewish, tallit, tallis, Bar mitzvah, Jewish wedding, bar mitzvah gifts, jewish new year, jewish gifts, prayer shawl, jewish prayer shawl, prayer shawl pattern, crochet prayer shawl, tallit bag }

#3 copy and paste your title into your tags

#4 look at competitors who sell similar product and see that their tags are to round out your 13 tags

#5 EVERY SINGLE TAG needs to be a multi word phrase. Why? Simply, Etsy is a full marketplace. If you are selling earrings and you just tag them earrings, you are competing against 1,834,859 other items tagged with the word earring. If you use a descriptive tags like “red stud earring” then you are more likely to be found with strong SEO in the 11,686 results that are shown with that tag.

#6 sprinkle your strongest search terms throughout your descriptions. Also, whatever you think a customer needs to know about your product. Exact sizes, materials, options, etc